The Orchestrionix IPU-system heralds a groundbreaking era in pipe organ music. Harnessing the age-old principle of air dynamics, we’ve innovated an unprecedented level of airflow control, unlocking richer, more nuanced sounds and performance capabilities. No longer are organs constrained by traditional limitations. With the IPU-system, experience a symphony of precise controls, dynamic mastery, and transformative organ expressions.

Redefining Musical Potential

Air flows from high to low pressure, a principle used for millennia in music-making. Since the first bone flute, this has shaped musical sounds. Orchestrionix introduces the IPU-system, leveraging DECAP airflow systems for pipe chests and accordions, revolutionizing pipe organ capabilities and ushering in a new era of organ music.

Precision & Control Features

Polyphonic controle

Dive into intricate performances with our standard 53x53mm model, tailored for polyphonic mastery.

Individual pipe mastery

Achieve unparalleled sound nuances with individualized airflow and pressure manipulation for each pipe.

Swift Real-time Responses

Experience immediate feedback with airflow adjustments occurring over 1,000 times per second.

Dynamic Mastery Features

Manual Airflow Modulation

Integrate seamlessly with midi controllers or DAWs, granting you hands-on control of your sound.

Automated LFO Effects

Craft unique auditory textures with effects like pipe “spitting” and vibrant vibrato controls.

Mesmerizing Effects

Unlock a new realm of auditory experiences, unleashing captivating and enchanting soundscapes.

Design & Integration Features

Consistent Sound Output

Enjoy peace of mind with our real-time PID-feedback-loop system, guaranteeing sound consistency.

Simplified & Efficient Design

Relish in our design’s straightforwardness, emphasizing rapid component replacements, interchangeable PCB boards, and logical configurations.

Optical Wire System

Trust in our high-speed, interference-resistant optical wire system for data transmissions.

Extensive Customization Features

Dynamic Midi Integration

Connect with a plethora of midi controllers for ultimate airflow control and sound modulation.

Intuitive Base Pressure Slider

Customize on the go, adjusting the base pressure for each pipe with a simple gesture.

SLOPE & DECAY Functions

Take command of the note’s initiation and fade, crafting your perfect sound profile.

Real-time Precision

Speed and accuracy are the backbone of the IPU system. Airflow to each individual pipe is adjusted at a rate of +1,000 times each second to achieve a real-time response ranging from 0 to 200% air pressure, where 100% is the pressure used during the voicing of the pipe. This “100%” can be adjusted for each individual pipe at any time. This means that every pipe can be set to its own pressure without any limitation. If 100mmWc is the goal, but one pipe sounds more in balance at 99mmWc, then a simple click of a button stores this 99mmWc preference in the EEPROM memory for as long as you do not change it as the required pressure for this pipe. 100% then refers to 99mmWc, and 200% to (x2 99=) 198mmWc


Stability & Versatility

Beyond its artistic prowess, the IPU system is designed with robustness in mind. Real-time PID-feedback-loop regulation means that the sound remains consistent at all times, irrespective of external factors. Thanks to +100 years of experience of our organs playing in the most extreme situations (-10 to +30°C humid and nicotine-saturated air in every week transported mirror palaces), we understand the conditions organs have to perform in.

Airflow Technology in action

We had the pleasure of utilizing this new technology in a couple of new projects. 

Technical Deep Dive

High-Frequency Airflow Adjustments

Gain unparalleled control with millisecond airflow-update-timing resolution, adjusting over 1,000 times per second within a 0 to 200% pressure range, all settable via any MIDI controller.

Dynamic Mastery with MIDI

Integrate effortlessly with any MIDI controller – pedals, wheels, key velocity, or even DAW control curves, for detailed airflow control.

Real-Time PID Feedback Loop

Maintain sound consistency regardless of external factors. The PID-feedback system provides organists with consistent and dependable sound output.

Variable Pressure Customization

Individually calibrate each pipe’s pressure on-the-fly using a slider, replacing traditional foot pressure screws. Whether targeting 100mmWc or a nuanced 99mmWc, settings are stored in eeprom memory, automatically fine-tuning the system’s reference.

Automated LFO Effects

Experience advanced effects like “spitting” in the pipe and intricate vibratos. The “Automated Low-Frequency-Oscillator” (LFO) offers customizable parameters in terms of income, speed, depth, and decay.


Achieve nuanced airflow control at a note’s onset with the SLOPE for a gradual soft to aggressive attack. Benefit from dual dynamic sinus wave airflow (VIBRATO 1&2) throughout the note’s duration.


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